Giving our special needs students opportunity to experience and explore music within their limitations. Music is a  language that reaches where words cannot. Classes will focus on developing life skills and utilizing therapeutic elements of music. Music is easily adaptable to all learning and physical limitations. We are very excited to share the world of music with our special-needs population.

Group Classes

Classes are kept small with students of similar goals and limitations. All group classes are able to be adapted for private instruction. If for any reason a teacher feels that a student may work at his highest potential in a one on one setting, he/she may schedule that student for private classes.

♪    Musical Beginnings (ages 2-5)

This early childhood developmental music class is open to all special needs children with an accompanying adult, therapist, caregiver or Therapeutic support staff (TSS). It introduces children to the amazing world of music through playing instruments, movement, singing, and improvisation. These classes will also focus on developing fine/gross motor skills, following directions, communication (verbal and nonverbal), making choices and peer interaction. This class gives children the opportunity to experience music in a fun, creative, adaptive and encouraging atmosphere.


♪   Music Explorations (ages 6-12)

Students will have the opportunity to explore music and its elements within their limitations. Whether it is keeping a steady beat on a drum or reading color coded music notation this class will meet them on their own level. Music and movement, playing instruments, singing and vocalizing, improvisation and music listening are just some of the concepts that the students will be exploring. During these activities students will be reinforcing skills such as communication, peer interactions, following directions, motor skills and staying on task.


♪   Music Adventures (ages 12 to adult)

Take an adventure through the world of music. This class is designed for students ages 12 to adult. It will be utilizing music from the pop culture, jazz, classical, folk and country genres to introduce and explore elements of music such as steady beat, dynamics, tempo etc. Each activity will be tailored and adapted to meet every student on his/her level while giving them a sense of accomplishment and motivation. This class will also be promoting peer interaction, communication, following directions, staying on task, making choices and taking turns.


Occupational Octaves Piano

♪   This method was specifically developed by Lee Stockner for the severe autistic, verbal and non-verbal student. Not only has it shown tremendous results with students on the autism spectrum but also with Asperger’s, ADHD, Down’s syndrome, and other diagnosis.

♪   It also helps students with other core issues such as cognitive gain, expanding attention span, posture strengthening, confidence building, ocular-motor strengthening, and other areas of improvement

This curriculum is different in that traditional music is a symbolic set of musical instructions (lines and spaces/black and white). Lee Stockner’s Music Box Method™ is the first Special-Needs-User-Friendly language of music with the exact same basic musical instructions as traditional music however, instead of using confusing, black & white traditional music, Lee Stockner’s Music Box Method™ uses colored letters in rhythmically designed boxes to communicate the musical instructions with a level of clarity never before seen. You can find this language printed in 8 Special Needs Piano books that make up the Occupational Octaves Piano™ curriculum and series!

We are very excited to be the first in the Pittsburgh area to be able to offer Occupational Octaves Piano to our special needs population!